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    CallMiner's new Jive-x community is born - 12/07/15


      I have now had the pleasure of launching my second Jive community.  With the dedicated support from the entire team at CallMiner and Social Edge Consulting, EngagementOptimization.com was born on December 7, 2015.  EO is a new user community for CallMiner customers and customer engagement professionals that will harness the power of Jive enabling users to:


      • Connect, Communicate, Share and Collaborate - EngagementOptimization.com will allow users to quickly and easily connect with colleagues in the industry, share best practices, learn from others who are facing common business challenges and collaborate to solve these challenges.
      • Network with Peers - Through simple peer to peer networking, users will be able to ask questions in an open discussion forum and crowdsource the answer, increasing the speed to intelligence.
      • Ideate - Through the built-in ideation platform available from Jive, users will be able to participate in the development of our products and services.  They can simply submit their ideas and let the community vote away.
      • #WorkOutLoud - Lastly, EO will allow users to Work Out Loud which essentially means sharing their knowledge in an observable narrative way so that it may help others.  They will also learn from those who are working in the same way, growing their network and building trust among their peers.  Again, this is a great way to increase the speed to intelligence making them a more effective member of their organization and better able to serve their customers.  Credit on this concept goes out to my good friend John Stepper.


      Not only did we launch on time but we created a stunning Welcome page with lots of rich features that will enable us to grow and scale as the needs of our clients evolve.  Look how beautiful she turned out:

      Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 12.54.42 PM.png


      Any community launch presents its challenges.  From experience, I can tell you that these things are not easy to get off the ground but collectively, we made it happen with near perfection!  Thank you CallMiner and Social Edge!


      Special thanks goes out to Ruth Neighbors for helping us develop some great initial use cases.  Chrissy Pedulla for keeping on top of EVERYTHING and aligning teams on both sides.  Sergio Sousa for turning our design concepts into a living breathing site.  Robert Hanson for his sorcery in executing a smooth migration program.  Gary Cabey for his knowledge in helping our team get SSO off the ground.  And lastly to Andrew Kratz & Brooks Jordan for understanding the importance of this program to CallMiner and helping us realize our vision by getting the entire SE team behind this initiative.


      Looking forward to continuing to build value for our clients and members of the customer engagement community!




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