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    How to upload and set profile image without replacing the original profile image?


      Hello Jive folks,


      I was following a guide here https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-71539#jive_content_id_Update_profile_picture  about how to upload profile picture through REST API. While I was able to upload picture successfully, I still have one concern:


      Is it possible to upload set insert the profile picture as index 1 while "shifting" all the old ones by 1 index to the right?


      If so, what would be the ways to achieve this?


      I was looking at the REST API documentation and currently there're two ways to set temporarily uploaded image as profile image: one is to insert at specific index (which might replace the old one at this index), the other one is to add to the available index (like append to the end of the image list if there are free spots left). But I don't see an option to insert while keep all the existing ones.


      Thanks in advance