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    Images in email are absent in Outlook


      Hi Jive,


      The emails I receive from Jive in my company's MS Outlook 2010 client on my work PC are missing graphics (see below). However, when I receive the same sort of emails on my personal Mac using Apple Mail, I have no problem.


      This is arguably a Microsoft/PC question, but you have probably encountered it before and know an answer. What could be giving rise to the problem, and how do I fix it? We are striving to engage our employees in our hybrid/external employees, and we need to make sure they have a good experience.


      Thanks. - Josh


      2015-1209_EmailGraphicsProblem_01.JPG   2015-1209_EmailGraphicsProblem_02.JPG

        • Re: Images in email are absent in Outlook

          Hi Josh,


          Thanks for raising this question around the blocked images received via email to the Outlook mail client.  This is a common mail client security feature used to block tracking images or other malicious or unwanted images.  You'll want to refer to the respective Microsoft documentation for the particular version of Outlook your users are on, but a good example would be this article here:


               Block or unblock automatic picture downloads in e-mail messages - Outlook


          Since this isn't an issue with Jive or the email received, unfortunately, the recipient will need to make the necessary configuration changes in Outlook.


          I hope this helps.  Let me know if you had any other questions on this.



          Jeph Yang