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    JW 2016 -- Scheduling unofficial meeting for Finance/Investment Industry Professionals

    Patty McEnaney

      Hi All,


      Libby Taylor has offered to find a place for those of us in the financial services and investment industry to congregate at JW2016 for purposes of networking and collaborating. While this won't be an official meeting, it may make sense now that the agenda is posted to try to either schedule a late afternoon meeting or a lunch. At JW2014, I remember speaking with Dominique Godefroy  and meeting other people from the Finance industry at a discussion about Compliance and it was helpful to hear their experiences and share my own.


      In the "Getting Creative with Jive World 2016" thread, where I first broached this idea, the following individuals said they would participate. Jeff Glasson from Fidelity, Martin Teasdale and Aaron Kim from RBC.


      Is anyone else in this Finance space interested in gathering?