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    Not able to access spaces


      Hello we have a problem since like 1 month ago, the person administeting our spaces left the company and we lost the accesses, and the site was down, later we got some accesses and we were able to get into documents and groups, if we know the URL, but we are not able to get into spaces: We are getting this error:

      System Error

      We're sorry but a serious error has occurred in the system.


      Can you help us to understand why we have access to groups and documents and not spaces?


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          Hi Rosa,

          Are you Hosted or On-Prem customer? If you are hosted, I can look take a look at permissions and settings.


          If you are on Premise you can check the admin console to see if there are any redirects in place that are redirecting you to a different page. (Admin Console > System > Settings > Redirects)


          Check the permission Level of your user to ensure you should have access.

          Jive Admin Console   Permissions For  test master.png

          Check the status of the space by running the following against your database. The status of a published space should be 1

          SELECT * FROM jivecommunity where displayname ilike '%insert-display-name-here%';

          To identify your display name look at the URL you are trying to access and find the name after /community/

          example: YOUR_URL.com/community/<display-name>


          Let me know your user should have access to the space and if there are any redirects.