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    User profile banner size


      I am having the same problem as described here: Profile Banner


      No matter what size I upload, Jive wants to crop it. Finally, I end up with a banner that covers only about 50% of the grey space where the profile banner is displayed.


      What magic is needed to upload different size banners?





      [EDIT: The same happens in this forum. Check out my profile picture.]

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          Hi Jürgen,


          Reviewing through your inquiry I think the answer provided in User Profile Headers might answer your question. If not, can you please provide a screenshot of the profile element you are referring to?



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              Simply have a look at my profile here in this community. The picture cannot scale. In fact, it will never do that as explained in a response provided in the other thread where I asked this question.

              It would be quite simple to take a picture and assign it a "center" and "cover" CSS property to cover the entire header area in user profiles.


              The way this is done now has two shortcomings:

              • I cannot change the aspect ratio on profile pictures
              • The profile header pictures won't cover the entire header area


              Effectively, this will look ugly.