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    Concern on unencrypted emails.




      A customer would like a private portal but is concerned about the security aspects of this portal. The key concern is that can JIVE send out unencrypted emails on an entry made in the portals?

      Currently if a private portal user enables Email Watches they can get an email that shows what was posted in that private portal. If the email sent out is not encrypted anyone can intercept this unencrypted email.

      One option would be to disable Email watches and only communicate in the portal itself.

      Do you have any other thoughts that would allow the usage of a secret/private portal in a secure manner that would be useful?




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          Hi Diana,


          Reviewing through your description, if there are concerns around emails being sent from an instance the option you listed above would be a valid way to secure the information, since this would make it so that users have to authenticate to your instance in order to view potentially sensitive information.


          Additionally, if you host your instance you do have the option of utilizing an internal email server to send out messages. For more information on this option I think the Configuring Outgoing (SMTP) Email section of the documentation will be helpful.


          Lastly, as I assume this would be an internal community, you might find the Jive Internal Communities group a helpful place to share ideas with other managers of internal communities.