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    Using Jive for Product Help Documentation


      Does anyone leverage the Jive platform for their own product documentation? Our company currently uses MadCap Flare (export to iframes) for our product Help documentation, and it has been requested from our executive team to gate this documentation to only our customer base. We are playing around with Spaces within our Jive instance, but Jive isn't a documentation management system and we are having some difficulty organizing this content and maintaining it going forward.



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          Libby Taylor

          You might want to take a look at the comments/discussion already in progress here: Fixed product documentation within the Community (pros & cons)

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            Billy Volpone

            Libby is spot on... some great convos happening right now on this very topic. Some of the key elements though are that we do often act as the core knowledge base and document container for many of our clients, but it won't look/act exactly like it does today since we'll be organizing in a more topic based group style (and leveraging categories within those groups/spaces) to offer a more collaborative content network. Many times these pieces of content live side by side with discussion threads and product update blogs, so users can find all needs on a topic or product in a central group.

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              Hi Saranya - yes, as you can see in the thread included in Libby's response more and more companies are moving to publishing their docs as part of the community. We offer a product that allows you to do just that and would integrate with your toolchain - feel free to take a look at Jive Publisher for Content Authors - Suite Solutions . I will be happy to discuss further and share from our experience.

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                Jordan Dayton



                We use a tool called Screensteps and they now (after building a custom integration for us) had a Jive integration that works very well.  The thing our documentation team likes the most about Screensteps is that they can replace an image in one guide/article, and it will also change that image wherever it exists in other guide/articles. Our product changes every three weeks so we're constantly needing to update our documentation and images. So all of our documentation lives within Screensteps, but whenever we push updates, it creates new, or changes the existing docs that live as Jive docs. It has great checkin/checkout features as well. Keeping our documentation team happy and allowing them to use a tool that was more robust for documentation management was more important to us than trying to get them to conform to using the Jive docs option.


                You can check out all of our guides if you are interested in what this integration looks like for us - Space: Canvas Guides | Canvas Community