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    Removing "Add to Calendar" function


      Hey there!


      I've been tasked with trying to "remove the Add to Calendar" button. It is only relevant to one particular group, not the whole community. So, I've had two possible solutions, one better than the other.


      1. A way to disable "Add to Calendar" based on the specific event. Example, if there is code I can put in the description, to hide that button.


         2. Does the property "jive.event.ics.outlookCompatibility.enabled", if set to false, remove that option altogether? If it does, are there other complications I should be aware of?



      I'd also like to include Jive Developers & Theme and UI/X Discussion in this question.



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          Hi Austin Openshaw,



          "Add to Calendar" normally comes when there is an event organized rite?

          So, if the event is organised! It is the organizer who sets the invites! Now, If you want to restrict it to only one group!

          The way is to format your attendees list! As to whom you have made this Event visible. Rather, rushing into code


          I hope I made myself clear to you