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    Custom view tile i18n




      we are currently studying our chances to have a localized cloud jive instance, for that we already saw that Jive's menus and stuff is already solved for us. What we still need to solve is the localization of some custom_view tiles that we have.

      We haven't been able to find or make a working sample of this. So far from the several documents on this matter I think I need to:

      • have a <<language>>.properties file in the i18n folder in the tile source. This should be formatted as a Java properties file.
      • on definition.json mark i18n: "*" so I enable every language.
      • on js access localized strings as new gadgets.Prefs().getMsg("key")


      Still this ain't working, can you please point me in the right direction? Is there already a working sample of this somewhere?