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    Can a curated Your View be pushed to all users?


      We have been evaluating Jive 8 and like the possibilities of Your View.  However, our user base simply will not have the time and in some cases lack the skill to set it up themselves.


      What I would like to do is create a curated Your View that everyone will get when we deploy Jive 8 initially.  That way we can have links to relevant resources right from day one that people won't have to go searching for.


      The power users will still be able customize their Your View in whatever way they like, starting from the version created for them on day one.


      I can't see a way to do that - is there?

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          Hi Alistair,

          Unfortunately there is not a way to update the default tiles used for new and existing users. The default tiles are Frequently Viewed, Latest Blog Posts,Trending Content, and Key Content and Places.


          However, I understand the use-case and think it would be a nice feature to allow admins the ability to update the default tiles therefore I recommend creating an idea for the feature in Ideas for Jive, so that others can vote up the idea.