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    Are there more controls for Guest visibility? Unregistered guests can still see a lot on unintended information


      Hi External Community colleagues,


      I'd like some help figuring out the visibility of certain elements of our community that don't seem to be documented by Jive. We have set up a hybrid community - an external community with some private spaces. We've configured our Spaces using the normal out-of-the-box Space permissions, and we've set all our members' profile visibility defaults to either "Registered users" or "Private to the user."


      However, we've noticed that guests still have some uncontrolled visibility into our system. Is there documentation on this? Are there controls we haven't discovered? Is there something we're missing?


      We have found that guests can see:

      • (community root)/people - showing guests the list of all usernames, thus enabling a diligent guest to measure the population of the community
      • (community root)/places - actually welcome, since they only see guest-visible places
      • (community root)/content - also welcome, since they can only see guest-visible content
      • (community root)/bookmarks - only shows bookmarked items in guest-visible areas, but isn't it weird that an unregistered guest can see which items have been bookmarked and who bookmarked them?
      • (community root)/(username) - shows a user's profile, except for items specifically restricted in the user's privacy settings. But it still shows:
        • Usernames
        • Number of followers
        • Number of people following
        • Skills and expertise
        • Top contacts (showing usernames, not full names)
        • All a user's connections (showing usernames, not full names)
        • Trending content (in guest-visible spaces)
        • Top places (guest-visible)
        • Lists of a user's Content and Activity in spaces with guest visibility
        • User's tasks
        • Users' personal bookmarks
        • The set of all users' personal bookmarks
        • User's calendar


      Is this visibility documented somewhere I just haven't found yet? Is there a way to control guest access to these items? It seems strange to have so many things left uncontrollable.


      Thanks. - Josh