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    Notifications when profanity filter is used?


      Does anyone know of a way to be notified when the profanity flags content,updates,etc.?


      I want to make sure my community is running smoothly, but I can;t figure out how to monitor users that use profanity.



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          Hi Brandon,

          Jive has two ways to prevent profane words or phrases:

          The first is by using the Keyword Interceptor. This controls content containing specific keywords, and forces content from users and groups into moderation. This would allow you to add moderators so they can approve the content that has the words in it.  This document Core Help has more information surrounding interceptors.


          The other method is to use the Profanity filter like you mentioned. However, the profanity filter does not have a way to notify admins that a word was used, rather it will replace the words with *** and allow the document to publish. Here is more information around profanity filters Core Help


          Hope this helps.