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    How to make conditional statements work in the email footer? - Jive Cloud


      Hi Developers,


      How does one configure the email footer code so it queries whether the email recipient is a registered user or not? The email templates clearly use if...else statements, but I need the variable that determines whether the recipient's email address is already in our roster.


      CURRENT STATE: The default OOTB footer uses the same text in all emails:

      This email was sent by Agilent Community because you are a registered user.
      You may unsubscribe instantly from Agilent Community, or adjust email frequency in your email preferences


      PROBLEM: This language is clearly inappropriate for invitation and rejection emails aimed at unregistered users. (Can you imagine getting rejected by the site admin and then reading this in the footer? Or receiving an invitation to join that says you've already joined? It's going to make out company look like it doesn't know what it's doing.)


      SOLUTION 1: We *could* make the language more general: "...either because you are a registered user or you were invited to join by a registered user or your registration application was rejected. If you are a registered user..


      PROBLEM WITH SOLUTION 1: It still makes us look like we don't have our act together. We're sending an email to someone by name, but we apparently can't tell whether they're even part of our community.


      I posted this previously in Jive External Communities, (Fixing mixed messaging in footers of invitation emails ) but it's been recommended that I post here to get more technical guidance.


      Is this possible? Is there a variable that can tell the system whether the recipient's email is in our system? How should this be configured?


      Thanks. - Josh