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    Why did Jive's Gmail extension disappear?


      I have Jive anywhere installed for my work, and until recently it had a useful extension that let me move emails directly over to Jive, and a blue box would light up to let me know that a conversation had moved to Jive and provide a link to find my way directly to the new thread. Now that has disappeared, as it has for several colleagues of mine. This is, to say the least, a major inconvenience; it renders a large part of my Jive user experience pointless. Has anyone else had this problem, and does anyone know the fix?



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          Hi Peter,

          To ensure the Gmail Cartridge is published in your community, a system admin can go to the Admin Console > System > Settings > Jive Anywhere > Cartridges. Here you will be able to select Publish so that users have the option.


          I see that Sean Clark, a member of your support group, recently created a case in which Jive Support identified a bug surrounding the cartridge. Therefore this might have been disabled by one of your community managers until the bug is resolved.



          Hope this helps.

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