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    delete content by user?


      Is it possible to delete all content by a group of users after a specific amount of time? Or how about by group and/or space?

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          Hi Kimberly,

          It sounds like you are looking for an auto-decay task to run after a certain amount of days, much like we have for non-active users. There is not currently that type of feature in Jive, but you are welcome to create an idea for it here Ideas for Jive so that other can vote it up and help it gain visibility.


          You are however able to manually delete users and places. If you delete the user in the admin console, all of their content will be deleted. Additionally, if you delete a place the content will be deleted from within that place. Please note, once deleted it cannot be restored. This document goes over more details on the deletion Can Places or Content Be Restored after Being Deleted?


          Hope this helps

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