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    How to get "upload a file" document attachment download number?


      Hi experts,


      I'm trying to track user downloads number from jivedw_activity_fact table. I know the columns activity_type = 320 & director_object_type = 13 means the attachment download, (referred Re: How can I see metrics for downloading a doc attachment? )


      But for kind of the "upload a file" document, I can't find any object_type = 13 records matching the attachment name at the bottom of each document, For example:


      I have a "upload a file" document with following attachment:

      Query jivedw_object table comes no record of object_type = 13:


      select * from jivedw_object where name = 'vmware-oracle-rac-deploy-guide.pdf'



      So I look deep into the jivedw_activity_fact table, then I found following records,


      activity_type = 320, director_object_type = 102, indirector_object_type = 110 What's the meaning of 110?


      activity_type = 320, director_object_type = 102, indirector_object_type is null


      What's the meaning of those records? I use Jive 6



      PS: document created by "upload a file"