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    Cross-Post: Is anyone using Omniture for DES Analytics (jive-n)?


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      Cross-Post: Is anyone using Omniture for DES Analytics (jive-n)?



      Hello everyone. We are on jive-n, and already have Google Analytics installed for web traffic. I am requesting an outside tool to report on data that I can pull from the Jive Data Export Service (Analytics). My company already has Omniture licenses and that is being offered to me.


      Along with standard web analytics, i'm looking for the ability to do dashboard style reporting on the detailed data available from the Jive back-end, both repeatable and ad-hoc. For example we have the Ideation module and we need more granular reporting on innovation activity than just exporting ideas to csv. Or how are users interacting with a specific set of spaces/subspaces, like a process library.


      There doesn't seem to be a standard, but some of the names in community discussions here are Omniture, Tableau, Resonata, even services like ELK/Elastisearch/Kibana.


      From what I see on the Adobe site, Omniture is more of a web analytics reporting tool similar to Google Analytics and i'm looking for data analysis and reporting on user activity once they are in Jive (not just how they get there or how long they are in my instance). Does Omniture do both of those? What are other Jive-n customers using?



      Tim Sphar