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    Request of some refinement to the Ask <community> widget.


      When I type in the title for my question using the Ask <community> widget, Jive helpfully searches through a list earlier Ask It questions  - for me to determine whether my question is one that has already been asked and answered.


      After listing some near-matches to my questions (or when there is no near-match) I am offered this link, Search all results in <community name> :



      When I click on that Search all results in <community name> link, I am taken to a Search page:

      (For the Jive community, it is this page: https://cisco.jiveon.com/search.jspa?facet=content&q=can%20we&sort=relevanceDesc&place=%2Fplaces%2F316170 )



      When there are no results for a search, that Search page displays this terse message:


      Question 1.

      Can this terse message be expanded, to aid users by telling them to “Press browser back button to return to submit your question”, or something similar to that effect?



      Question 2.

      When the browser back button is pressed, we return to the page that has the Ask it widget; however, the keyed-in Question title is "vaporized"!  Can you arrange to have that text preserved?


      Please let us know.





      for The Style Team (https://cisco.jiveon.com/groups/cisco-style)