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    News - Jive8 upgrade


      As we try to wrap our head around the new 'news' functionality, do we have any set guidelines or suggested best practices in place yet?



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          Billy Volpone

          So glad you started this thread Shadab... I love seeing updated communities leveraging this new curation function. When setting this up often myself, I try to think about the key content that would be most useful for a group (or all) users within a network. Since we're really talking more about "trending and top" instead of just "recent", plenty of users might be drawn to the News function for discoverability and catching up. I really don't think there is a wrong answer to testing this out, especially because you can add more than one stream, and they are quickly edited as needed.


          I've seen one of our membership communities even make the "News" page easier to get to by simply putting a "Trending" button on the overview page so users can even more quickly jump into that view. Another site, Macmillan, is actually using the News page as their landing page:

          News | The Macmillan Community



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              Billy Volpone


              Since News/Curation is a pretty significant feature that is bundled in with the latest Jive 8.x platform, would your team consider putting together a 30 minute webinar to discuss the feature in more detail.



              -Potential Use Cases

              -Tradeoffs/Gotchas/shortcomings of the feature set


              Maybe provide 5-10 mins at the end for a customer like Macmillan to talk about what they have done with the feature.


              Megan Truett

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                  Billy Volpone

                  Hi Michael... great idea. I know this was covered during the quarter cloud update release webcast but we don't always break out specific features and go as deep into those (not at a general webcast level at least... we definitely do this via strategy sessions). The News feature is really just a new way to potentially filter and consume data. It's a noise reducer but also allows admins to control where said feeds come from and who might see which ones. For example, if you have a permissions group for your partners, you can cater a specific trending News feed just for them to see. Thus far, I'm mostly seen different admins use News for general trending tops or company news, etc. There really aren't any "gotchas" here, more just how admins prefer to showcase data. Unlike the traditional overview page that allows for more sticky content, News allows you to push users into more of a dynamic river of updates, but one that should always be showing the most relevant and interesting content/people.


                  Have you tested it out yet yourself?

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                Christy Schoon

                Hi Shadab, check out News for External - Best Practices to see if that helps you with the suggested practices.  For the technical "how" of course there's always Customizing News .

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                  Christy Schoon Thank you for the resources. A major help, definitely. 


                  Billy Volpone Loved the Macmillan Community example you cited. Where could I find quarter cloud update release webcast, is it recorded and hosted somewhere?


                  Also, I support Michael Fortner here on a 30min webinar (or a strategy session) to dive deep into this. I understand that this is usually not possible to break out specific features. But I guess Jive customers (like me) are extremely excited about this feature and are considering this to be a game changer.


                  You've got my up-vote already on SocMed