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    Limited search on Props App


      Is there a way to customize the search in the Props App. The default search is limited and can be confusing for our end users.


      Limited search results:

      In the props app, in the Give Props tab, under Recipient - when you type someone's name, it only shows 8 names to select from. Is there a way to increase this limit?



      Complete first name search changes bias to last name:


      We have also discovered that not all names will show properly when searched for. For example, if the name Michael is searched typing a part of the name will show all users with the first name Michael, but once the name is completely typed, the search will only show users with last names that are Michael.


      So if I type "Michae" - but leave off the "L" is the name:


      But once I complete the name, the entire search changes to last name: