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    Jive for Outlook - Convert to Discussion

    John Schwiller

      Really can't remember when I last raised this - probably during the Jive for Outlook beta with Sagi and Oudi in 2010?


      1. It's a real pain that when you convert a threaded discussion that you don't retain the date of each email. This doesn't have to become the thread date (if the API doesn't allow backdating) but it could be written into the content at the header.


      2. It's another real pain that you don't retain the names of the recipients as To, Cc - these too could be written into the content header. It would be nice if they also resolved to Jive users but that's less of a priority.


      Both these mean that you really have to retain the original email in case you need this info.


      Please consider.


      Mor Avital