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    Individual Permissions and Access


      I need help! I'll try to keep this short.


      I've been tasked to build a group on my internal instance (on the cloud) of Jive for one of my call center departments. They want to replicate functionality they currently have in SharePoint. Essentially, they want to post employee performance metrics and reports for each employee in the department, but they only want that employee to be able to see their reports, no one else's. Certain managers will be able to see all reports.


      Right now I am thinking the best way to organize this in a group, while still maintaining these individual permissions is to set up categories for each employees where their reports will be uploaded. But I can't seem to figure out if I can set permissions for a category to only allow certain users to see the content inside. Is this doable?


      The manager's want a system where they don't have to go all over to find everyone's reports, but the permissions aspect is important in this scenario.


      Any ideas on how I can achieve this?

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          Dennis Pearce

          We get this kind of question a lot at my company, and as far as I know there's no way to do it because Jive does not have security at the document level and categories also do not have any security associated with them.  Content inherits its security from the place it's in, so you would have to have a subspace for each employee which seems like you're then moving pretty far from how Jive is intended to be used.  Also keep in mind that if those reports ever move, they will lose their categories and permissions and inherit the ones from the new place.

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              Dennis Pearce

              An addition to what I said -- it wasn't clear from your question if your users are getting rid of it or keeping it but want to do the same thing in Jive.  If you are keeping it or have some other document management system, you could put the reports in that and then embed a view of it in a Jive place using an html tile or widget.  We do this occasionally with Google Drive.  Since it's just a window into the other system, users only see content based on the permissions they have in the other system.

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              Here is a possible solution:


              1. Create a group* for the managers that can access all the employee performance reports.
              2. Edit the group settings to extend visibility for the group to "Non-Member Content Editing"Image-0307.png
              3. Create the employee performance reports and "Share" those reports with the employee. Image-0309.png


              You can see for each document who has access outside of the group.Image-0308.png


              *Note: this only works for groups and not spaces (wish it worked for both).

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