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    I am unable to accept an invitation from a private group [external]




      I was invited to a private group [external]. When I visit the group page, there is a notice that I have been invited by the moderator and there is a "accept invitation" button. However, clicking on the button does not do anything and I have tried different browsers and systems. I have been invited twice with this same issue. I have no notices in my inbox to accept. Any workaround for this?




      V. Gizzo

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          Hi Vincent,


          Sorry to hear you are not able to join an external social group. As a next step I would recommend submitting a case in your customer group here in the Jive Community where the next available support engineer can investigate directly in your instance. When you submit the case is you could also include the following information, this should assist in their investigation.


          1. Is this limited to a specific social group?

          2. Are other users also experiencing this behavior, or does it appear to be limited to your user?

          3. A link to a social group where you are experiencing the behavior.