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    unable to play videos


      There are various URLs that include embedded videos that we are now unable to watch. This is the error message we receive once the page loads:



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          Hi Joseph,


          I checked the Jive Software Status page, however am not seeing a wide-spread video issue. As such I would suggest submitting a case in your customer group here in the Jive Community where a member of our support team can perform further investigations into your instance.


          Reviewing through content you have created I see where you have already done this, Unable to play videos , so would recommend following-up there for next steps.



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              hi Jesse,


              Thanks for the reply. Let me know if i can provide any more info on this issue. It's still a problem in our Org. Some of these videos were uploaded in September, and only last week did we start receiving the error message. So, i am not sure what has changed recently.