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    Community Manager Appreciation Day Panel

    Jakkii Musgrave

      Hi all,


      CMAD is rapidly approaching and I still have room on my panel - this is a call to all you fabulous community managers who may be interested in participating.


      The topic: "Community Managers and the Transformation of Work"


      The focus: Will be on the role of community managers and community management as a discipline as our work and workplaces continue to change.


      The logistics: Panel is online via Google Hangouts which means you can join from anywhere (provided you have a Google account); and the session will be at 00:00-01:00 Eastern time on the 25th of January (that's Sunday night at Midnight or Monday morning at midnight, depending on your perspective). That means it's 9pm on the 24th for Pacific time; in the UK it'll be 5am on the 25th, and for me in Sydney it'll be 4pm on the 25th. Confused? Me too! You can check your timezone here: http://timeanddate.com


      More info about the panel is here: http://communitymanagerappreciationday.com/schedule/community-managers-and-the-transformation-of-work/


      If you'd like to join me, you can reach me commenting here, by PM, or by email: jakkii.musgrave@rippleffectgroup.com


      Please get in touch ASAP if you're keen. And even if you're not interested in the panel, I hope you'll join us live - or watch the recording at a time to suit, after the fact.



      Happy (almost) CMAD!