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    Can I allow users to post anonymously?


      I would like to allow my community's users to make anonymous posts/post content anonymously. Therefore, only I should be able to identify the user as the manager of the Community, but they wouldn't be identified by other members of the community. Would it be possible?


      Thank you.

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          Hi Giovanna,


          While this type of posting is an option in the ideation module, anonymously posting other content types would require a customization to your instance. If you are interested in determining the scope of an "anonymous customization" our Professional Service's team can assist in determining the scope of the project. If you are interested in pursuing this option please submit a case in your secret customer group here in the Jive Community and the next available support engineer can get an engagement set up for you.


          Additionally, if you are interested in seeing this as a feature in a future release I would recommend creating an idea in the Ideas for Jive space where out product managers review top rated ideas when considering features for future releases.