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    Can we replace SharePoint by Jive ?

    ybellonc Novice

      I am questioning myself on the positioning of Jive compare to SharePoint.
      Some features can be compare like capabilities to share content or tag some documents, But I don't see any way to force tagging or to have the search engine retrieving content even if the content have not be used for a long time. That are required for an EDM solutions.

      It seems also that there is no migration path between SharePoint on Jibe.


      I have the feeling that depending of the usage of SharePoint, Jive should be consider as a complement to SharePoint and not as an alternative.


      What could consider as the best practice ?





        • Re: Can we replace SharePoint by Jive ?

          Jive does not have a 1:1 match on the features Sharepoint offers.

          If you currently have Sharepoint deployed in your organization, you can assess what are the features you currently use, and then for the most part you will find better alternative to achieve that goal using Jive.

          With that said, Jive can also work well together with Sharepoint, especially integrating with the Sharepoint webparts, which will allow you to use the Microsoft document authoring tools (Powerpoint/Excel...) seamlessly inside Jive.