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    How to turn on Macro for usernames in Jive




      In my community, when someone is @mentioned in a post, it initially shows up as firstname.lastname. Upon save, however, this reverts to the user id (company format that is alpha numeric). This is not a good experience as the users are not able to recognize the @mentioned users.


      Does this have something to do with some macro within Jive that is not turned on or has to be enabled?


      Thank you!

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          Hi Vanitha,


          From your description, it sounds like the "Show Full Name in User Mentions" option is what you are looking for. This can be found in your admin console >> people >> settings >> global profile settings tab:


          Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 7.42.02 AM.png

          Let me know if setting this and performing a user search index rebuild surfaces a user's name.


          If not, I would recommend submitting a case in your secret customer group here in the Jive Community so that the next available support engineer can investigate further into your specific instance.