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    publish a document to multiple places


      How do I publish 1 document to multiple places or groups, WITHOUT having to re-create it?

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          Hi Dan,


          From your description, the Sharing Content with Other Places feature introduced starting in Jive 8 and Jive Cloud should allow you to create content within a specific space, then share it out to other places for users to view the content without the need to recreate multiple copies of the content.



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              Hi Jesse,


              I just came across this when searching for the latest on this functionality. This is something we are also very interested in. We have Jive Cloud and I believe we have been able to share content from one place with another for quite a while and in principle this is fantastic as we often have a need to be able to post content in more than one place without duplicating the content itself.


              However, I have found that there are two major limitations with this approach:

              • Members of the group with which you share the content do not get a notification even if they are following the group in their inbox and have all notification preferences set to on. This is frustrating as we would want members of the group to be notified – I have a case logged for this and there is a bug which also applies when you @mention a group: JIVE-61692
              • Shared content only shows up within ‘recent activity’ widgets NOT ‘recent content’ widgets which most of our groups use – given that they also do not receive notifications this means they are likely not to notice that anything has been shared with their group! I have created an idea for this: https://community.jivesoftware.com/ideas/5834


              These issues make this functionality basically redundant for us and I am keen to know whether anything will be done to make these improvements happen. I really want to be able to use this as we get requests for this from our users on a regular basis!




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                Hi Jesse,


                I agree with the issues mentioned by Dave Nunn and also see an important limitation with the access level. Now the shared content is only accessible for people with access to the group where the source content is published. But often they don't have access to that group so they can't view the shared content. So we also need to be able to overrule that and share content in groups where the members don't have access to the group where the source content has been published. 


                Can you inform us about the follow up on this and the issues mentioned by Lauren?



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                    Thanks for your comments Michiel.


                    Since my previous comment I have had a couple of updates on this from Jive as per my support case with Elaine Mui:

                    • JIVE-61692 - apparently only applies to @mentioning a group, not when sharing with a group as I had been told previously.
                    • Apparently there are now plans to improve the ability to create shares with a group:
                      • However, I was told that "this functionality will be somewhat limited in that the user who is sharing the content will only be able to pass on the link to the group members without any accompanying text."
                      • This functionality is also apparently not going to be introduced until after JIVE-61692 is fixed (not sure why!)
                      • There is going to be a bug filed for this specifically but I have not yet been told what this is - UPDATE: The bug for this is JIVE-68965: "Group shares should cause email notifications to be sent if user has emails for Following stream enabled"
                      • When it is introduced it should generate notifications in the correct way
                      • But it shared content will still not display in recent content widgets


                    In general there seems to be quite a lot of confusion around this so I am interested to hear if there are any further updates/clarification.


                    In reference to your comments around people not being able to access the content if they do not have access to the place where it exists originally, I'm not sure if the new group types may help to improve this as I know there is now the option to enable sharing with people beyond private groups?




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                  I have a similar question to the OP - as a community manager, I see things all over our community that I'd like to include on specific spaces, not just in the activity feed, but in a widget of stories. Even with the content sharing, this content doesnt find its way into any kind of list widget. Will there ever be a functionality to take this shared content and display it as a list in a widget?

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