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    Options to archive the content / switch to dev-mode




      we are running Jive and our licence is is expiring. We need a possibility to access the data in the Jive-Instance in a read-only mode or we need to get the content out as PDF or something like that.

      I already asked the question (like Archive Jive / Exporting content as PDF ) but without a sufficient answer.


      Is there a good possibility to export the content or is it possible to switch the Jive-Instance from production mode to developer mode?


      Regards, Sascha

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          Hi Sascha,


          In addition to the options David mentions in your previous discussion, our hosting team can provide you with a copy of your instance's binstore and a set of data dumps from your database. This will allow you to have copies of your data after your instance is stopped/decommissioned.


          If you would like to get database and binstore dumps from your instance, please submit a case in your secret customer group here in the Jive Community and we can get you engaged with our hosting team for next steps.