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    Can the Profile / Hovercard Action Button be icon + text, like the "follow" button?


      I am building a Jive app that uses a URL App Action on the user profile/ hover card, following the specification in the App Action Contribution Reference (https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-114464#jive_content_id_Profile__Hovercard_Action_Button) and would like to make the button display as icon + text.  I can only seem to make my button display a 16x16 icon.  The value I set for "label" in the XML specification becomes the tool tip, not label text.


      I know it must be possible for the icon to be larger or at least include text for a Profile / Hovercard Action.  Consider the out-of-the-box "follow" and "message" buttons on the hover card:


      The above photo shows my profile hovercard on community.Jivesoftware.com.  Notice the follow button.

      The above screenshot shows a profile page with several profile/hovercard app actions.  For reference, mine test app is the black icon on the left.  I would like to know how to make that icon similar to the follow button above as icon+text.




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