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    Is there a way to target and/or restrict content by user profile attributes?

    Donna Skoog

      Hi All. New to Jive and am trying to find if it is possible to target or restrict content to members that have a specific value in one of their profile attributes. For example, showing content for members in one or more specific office locations based on the location city but not showing it for members in other locations.

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          Hi Donna


          A way to tackle this would be to create a group and invite those specific members that you want to see these documents, Also, you can make the group Private and then you can only show documents to those that are members only

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            Hi Donna,


            Absolutely yes. There are a number of different ways that it could be done.


            1. As Raul mentioned you can create a Group and explicitly invite in only those people that you want to see the content. Pretty much everybody in the Jive world uses this and (mostly) Groups can be created by a large section of the Jive users (often anybody can create a group). In internal communities these are usually the predominant organizing structure.
            2. You can create a Space (different from a Group) which can be associated with Security Groups within the Admin Console. You manage security by adding and deleting members of the Security Groups. Space are hierarchical and can "inherit" security from their parents. There is a nice write up on Spaces here: Jive Place: Space and a write up of Spaces and Groups side by side here: Spaces and Groups. Pretty much everybody in the Jive world uses Spaces, usually they are administered by the Jive system admins.
            3. At a more sophisticated level it is not uncommon to connect Security Groups to the company security system (SSO or Single Sign On). The SSO system will "tell" Jive which Security Groups somebody belongs to. This will entail some professional services assistance either from Jive or from one of the Jive PS partners. The level of effort can vary from minor (if your SSO is simple, "clean", well-aligned with your corporate organization and well-maintained) to major (if you don't have a SSO and need to deploy one or if your current SSO doesn't really reflect how your company is organized). This is a common, mostly automatic way to separate information by geography, organizational function, department, etc.
            4. At the most sophisticated level a customization is done to your Jive community to allow your SSO to not only connect to Jive Security Groups but also to create and delete Spaces and Groups and to automatically add and delete people to and from the Spaces and Groups and even to dynamically set who are the administrators of the groups.
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