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    SSO Error


      Hi there,

      I have attached the error that a user is getting when trying to access a JIVE video post.  From some of the research that I have done, I have learned that this can mean one of two things.

      1. The user is not connected to our Internet.  (I verified that they are, so this is not the solution)
      2. There is not JIVE license allotted to them. 


      Are my findings correct?  If they are not, please help me solve the problem with step by step instructions.

      If they are correct.  Please forward a step by step solution for adding a license to a user for JIVE.  I haven't found any documents or info pertaining to how you assign a license to a user.


      Thank you so much



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          Hi Lori,


          Reviewing through the image you provided this is only a general error that indicates there is an error somewhere in the configuration/connection between your SSO provider and Jive. As a next step I would recommend submitting a case in your secret customer group here in the Jive Community where the next available support engineer can assist with investigating into the behavior.


          Additionally, if you could provide the following when submitting the case it should assist their investigation.


          1. Username of the user seeing the error

          2. If there is more text below what is pictured in your screenshot, please copy/paste the entire contents of the error into a .txt or .doc file and add that to the case as well.



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            I have the information.  Can you please tell me where I find my "secret group"?  Someone quit and I inherited the product.