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    japanese character's not appearing when viewing a document


      I have recently encountered a problem where Japanese characters are only appearing when editing a document on Jive and when previewing a document on Jive, for example in the news feed. However, whenever I click on a document to simply view it, the Japanese characters appear as question marks.


      This issue has not occurred before and users have been able to use both Japanese and English characters at the same time with no problem. The user has also experienced the same issue e where once the language setting is changed from English to Japanese, the English characters are represented by a '?'


      How can this be resolved. Is it only possible to communicate in one language at a time, and why does this not work as it once did?

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          Hi Saiesha,


          I'm sorry to hear about the missing Japanese characters when viewing the document.  We've had a similar report under JIRA bug JIVE-60140 on this behavior with Japanese and Cyrillic characters, but our engineering team has been unable to reproduce the issue. The bug has been closed since we cannot reproduce it.


          Due to the complexity of the issue, I would recommend submitting a support case in your private Jive Community customer group for targeted troubleshooting.


          I hope this helps.  Let me now if you had any other questions.



          Jeph Yang