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    Theme map - removing elements for external contributors




      We have an internal Jive instance and are working on setting up invite-only groups for external contributors to be used for sales proposals. But, we need to theme out certain elements in the navbar and footer that users do not have access to.


      I used a theme map and created a theme to pull out the navigation since external users do not have access to those pages. However, the Create menu and spotlight search still appear. The theme map is set up using a URL expression so any URL with the word "extranet" will trigger the theme. But, when navigating down to the document/content level, the full navbar will show up since the URL structure changes.


      In addition to the cases I opened with Jive Support (who pointed me to the Developer community), I also posted in the Developer community about this but wanted to post here in case someone can help.


      The other issue now seems that any changes we make to our theme map do not show up on the group. I have a developer internally helping me too and he cannot figure out why these changes do not take effect. Any ideas on how to best implement changes while using a theme map?