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    Spaces Calendar


      Hey There!


      Is there anyway of using the Calendar within a Space? It always seems blank and there doesnt appear to be an option for you to add events and meetings to that calendar? How do you update this?


      Additionally is it possible to integrate with Clarizen to update this Calendar so that projects and dates can be imported directly into here?





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          Hi Dan,

          There is an Upcoming Events tile that will reflect the events created within the space. If you would like to create Event, you can select the option under the Actions option near the top right of the group.

          Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.51.30 AM.png



          In regards to the integration, Jive does not currently have one with Clarizen. However if you or some developers are interested in building an Add-on to allow for an integration with Clarizen, this document provides steps on getting started building an Add-on Building the Add-on


          Hope this helps.