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    Are you using synonyms to improve your search?


      Hello, I am looking for someone who is using synonyms to improve their search (via Jive Admin console), and was wondering/hoping you might be able to share your synonym list. I am looking to implement this feature (v7, on prem) and have already found some good lists for British vs American English spellings. Now I am looking for other actual synonyms, such as:


      conversation, discussion, question

      calm, peaceful

      use, employ, utilize


      Obviously, I can create a list, and some things will be particular to my company. But I thought a standard list to start out with might be good-- but am looking for something business related. (I did find some very general stuff, such as: Synonyms for the 96 most commonly used words in English | Just English).


      Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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          Hi Melissa, I haven't seen many people set up synonyms for common everyday words.  (You are one dedicated community manager!)  Typically they use synonyms for terms that are specific for their business.  One example is acronyms.  For example, If I were to set up synonyms here in the Jive Community, I would use:


          • CRM = Community Manager Reports
          • SSO = Single Sign On
          • DES = Data Export Service


          What are the organizational acronyms you use to represent teams and departments?  What about products?  Internal applications people use every day?   That's probably where I'd go next.  Your newbies will especially thank you.