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    Office for Jive plugin failing when trying to publish from Powerpoint 2013


      Hi, I work in end user support and a user has posed an issue with her Office for Jive plugin for Office 2013. It has been working fine up until this week. Here is the sequence of events:


      1) user attempts to publish a minor draft to our internal Jive site in Powerpoint. The addin takes up to 2 minutes to upload the document and then fails with an error message

      2) After failure, the plugin states there is an update but then when trying to update (ver 30.3.5) it fails with error msg The path cannot be found.

      3) I have removed the Jive for Office plugin successfully and rebooted, and installed successfully but still getting the same error

      4) Did some research online and found a reg edit that I ran that did not help (per all the options tried here: Jive for Office Not Loading for Office 2013 (64-bit)