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    Spotlight Search popup not working




      I have a custom search widget in Jive 8.0.2 which is identical to OOTB Search widget in Jive, but this is not working as expected. The issue with the custom search widget is that the search dropdown that pops up on key press is not coming up in Jive 8.x, which is actually working fine in the Jive 7.x. Can someone please let me know if something has changed in Jive 8.x?


      I could not see any errors in the logs files or on the browser's error console and so, I could not figure out what's causing this issue.


      Screen capture of the custom search widget highlighted (along with default search widget):



      Screen capture of the OOTB search widget with the pop up (highlighted):


      Jessica Emerson, if you have come across similar issue and/or can provide your inputs in resolving this issue, it will be helpful for me.


      In search.soy file, I am unable to figure out where is the following template being called from:


      {template .SpotlightPopup}

         <div class="jive-spotlight-search-result" data-component="popup" style="display: none;">




      Thank you!