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    Comprehensive List of User Names and Level Points thru the API - Is This Possible?


      Hi team!  I'm new to APIs and the JSON format, but I've been putting in some cycles over the last couple of days to learn. I've made some progress on my objective.


      My objective - I'm looking to assemble a list of all of our platform's user names and their level points filtered above 20 points, preferably thru Jive's API for programmatic reasons.


      My progress so far - I have an authorization token and successfully acquired a list of members along with their Jive JSON extension (of the OpenSocial person object) with this cURL command (URL is redacted)

      curl -XGET -H "Authorization: <Token>" "https://community.com/api/core/v3/people?count=100&fields=name,jive"


      So my questions are:

      1. How do I filter the results for   people --> jive --> level --> [points>20] at the people endpoint tier?

      2. How do I get the API to only return Names and Points?  I don't need all the superfluous Resources capability info.

      3. I am familiar with Python... is this endeavor something where I should just use Python to loop thru the results to accomplish the filtering aspects of my request instead of expecting the API to do anything other than return large blocks of indiscriminate data?

      4. (Conceptual question here) Can an API actually do this level of precision filtering on the criteria and the results list or is it limited to a serial, branching of filtering and results?

      5. In other words, I'm trying to look at the People tier by way of their names and then listing their level points while filtering above 20 points. But, it appears the API's focus can only filter and return results at one tier only, either People or Jive or Level which means I'll need to list at the People level and then loop thru the records to filter and list of the Points level. Is this accurate?


      Thanks in advance,