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    Create a space is landing me on error page




      We have upgraded the database schema to Jive 8.0.2 from Jive 7.0.2 and post upgrade (with OOTB themes and without any customization), the users are not able to create any space (including the admin user). Did anyone far a similar error?


      The log file shows the following error in database:


      ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000 error


      This error is with vanilla instance of Jive without any customizations. Did anyone came across a similar error?



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          Hi Kirthi,


          Reviewing through the Oracle error you mention above (ORA-01795), I have seen this type of issue behavior in earlier Jive versions (Jive 5 and 6) when an instance reached more than 1000 spaces. However have not yet seen reports of this behavior in Jive 7 or 8 related to space creation. As such I would recommend opening up a case in your customer group here in the Jive Community so that the next available support engineer can assist with further investigating into your specific instance.


          When opening it, if you could please tail your sbs.out and sbs.log files while replicating the behavior and attach them to the case for review, this should assist in the investigation.