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    UX Widget projects open sourced


      I wanted to let everyone in the Internal Communities group know about some Jive widget projects we are in the process of open sourcing.  Our internal community has found these projects to be very helpful for setting up and maintaining overview pages.  The complex widgets have self-service builder applications to allow less skilled admins  to build advanced pages.  Here is a basic list of the projects:

      • Accordion
      • Content Lookup
      • Content Viewer
      • Export
      • Form
      • Form Report
      • Menu
      • Picture Carousel
      • Presentation
      • Search
      • Team Listing



      I have a blog in the Developer forum with full descriptions and links to the project sites here: UX Widgets


      The first five projects are released.  We are working through the release for the others (re-coding the parts that were specific to our community).  I hope others in this community get as much value out of these projects as we have.