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    How can I add new tokens to an email message template?


      Hi All,

      I'm trying to change the inverter`s name with user first name to the "Invite Others to Content (System)" message template. Right now, only the inviter's name with link to profile shows up.

      Can we use tokens which are not specified in token list of message template email instruction?


      Tokens defined for "Invite Others to Content (System)" email template.


      ${objectName} ${objectTitle} ${isReply} ${hasAttachments} ${containerName} ${contentURL} ${inviterName} ${shareURL} ${emailReplyEnabled} ${emailReplyIsExternallyVisible} ${communityName} ${newUser} ${newUserValidationLink} ${newUserValidationKey} ${invitee} ${userObjectEmailUrl} ${communityName} ${instanceURL}


      ${user} token is not defined to be used for this email template and I want to show the user first & last name in this template.


      I tried couple of things but did`t work.





      It seems as user token is not defined for the email that's what the above code not worked.


      So please suggest if we can add token to email template.