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    Are CSS pseudo selectors scrubbed from Jive apps?


      I am currently working on a Jive app that uses CSS pseudo selectors to handle a collapse-able list.

      namely I am using ::before :checked and :not(:checked)



        font-weight: bold;
      .drop-list input:checked ~ div{
        display: block;
      .drop-list input:not(:checked) ~ div{
        display: none;


      On the service hosting machine all of these selector are intact, but when I load the app in Jive the selectors seem to be scrubbed from the transferred files.

      I can simply replicate this affect in Javascript so it is not much of an issue, but for future reference:

      Ryan Rutan Rashed Talukder , I am bumping this question as this has now become a larger issue, as I do require the ::before selector.

      Does Jive scrub certain/all CSS pseudo selectors in Apps?