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    Auto Save Draft - Space Recover Issue in Jive 8.0.2

    kirthisekhar Beginner

      Hi Ryan Rutan,


      I am seeing an issue in Areas widget. Whenever I try to create a new space and I don't publish, the auto draft version of the space is being displayed in the Areas widget and when I click on the draft link, it will land on the page not found error.


      I had this issue in Jive 8.0.1 and I see the issue after upgrading to 8.0.2 as well.


      Could you please help me know if this is a known issue in Jive 8.x and do we have any work around or fix to resolve this issue?


      Here is the screen capture for your quick and easy reference:



      When I click on this Draft space link, it lands me on the "item not found" page -- /community/draft-space-wed-feb-03-062443-gmt-0000-2016




      Thank you Ryan!