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    Check out OBP CEOs Breakout Session at JiveWorld16!


      Paul is what happens when you mix together a former bank chief economist, director of strategy, dynamic speaker, cultural transformation expert and the author of an international best-selling book. Described as a CEO-talker, he examines things from CEO’s perspective, helping C-suites to integrate their strategy and vision across all organizational functions through a conversation based process of alignment and engagement. He is the CEO and founder of ON-Brand Partners, a company that is using Jive to build partnership cultures within, and across, a broad ecosystem of organizations.


      Partnership has become key to building better organisations, a better world, a better future. Paul Stewart, CEO of ON-Brand Partners will share his thought provoking ideas on the purpose and practice of building trust and confidence into organisational relationships through partnership. ON-Brand Partners Jive-X instance is called the ON2net and is fundamental to the delivery of their services to a multitude of organisations across the world. Paul leads a partnership based business that supports organisations in building highly engaged and collaborative cultures. But they also enable them to connect with leaders of other organisations who face similar challenges, taking development to another level. Paul will talk about the process of developing partnership based organisations, using a process of ‘conversations for good’ to create conscious connections, stimulate collaboration and drive innovation. He will draw upon extensive case studies where partnerships are fundamental to the purpose of the organisation.


      Breakout session info: Paul Stewart | JiveWorld Speaker

      Here is a video of Paul Stewart speaking at our own conference TAKEONEDAY - 19th May 2016