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    Why Is the Jive 8 Parent POM using Tomcat 7


      Anyone know why it would be using Tomcat 7?  The RPM installation is using Tomcat 8 so it would be a good idea if during development Tomcat 8 was used as well.  I have some issues with JSP files compiling and it seems that the Tomcat setup is referencing 1.6 instead of 1.8 for Java.  Might be related.


      If you know about this error as well let me know.


      [WARNING] [talledLocalContainer] An error occurred at line: 36 in the jsp file: /admin/main.jsp

      [WARNING] [talledLocalContainer] '<>' operator is not allowed for source level below 1.7

      [WARNING] [talledLocalContainer] 33: <%

      [WARNING] [talledLocalContainer] 34:     if ("true".equals(request.getParameter("logout"))) {

      [WARNING] [talledLocalContainer] 35:         try {

      [WARNING] [talledLocalContainer] 36:             java.util.List<String> removables = new ArrayList<>(10);

      [WARNING] [talledLocalContainer] 37:             for (Enumeration e = session.getAttributeNames(); e.hasMoreElements();) {

      [WARNING] [talledLocalContainer] 38:                 String attribName = (String) e.nextElement();

      [WARNING] [talledLocalContainer] 39:                 if (attribName.startsWith("jive.admin.") || attribName.startsWith("admin.")) {