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    Issue with Event Calendar logging events inconsistently for some users with API created events


      Hi guys,


      Since the latest release of 2016.1 cloud I have been notified by a client that I built a custom tile for that some Jive is logging events for some users incorrectly (seems to be with the date and month swapped).


      The custom tile I made is a simple HTHML form that is used as an interface for their users to create leave applications (an event that goes to a moderator then gets approved etc) in a standardised format.


      The tile takes the data from the form and creates a json payload with the data and then posts it to the /content endpoint. This has worked flawlessly until earlier this week when the site was upgraded to the new version.


      The bug is if someone applies for leave for the 1st of march for example (03/01/2016) for some users it is creating the event in the Jive calendar as 3rd of Jan (01/03/2016) (day and month flipped). The date field isn't entered manually by the user, the field in the form is populated using Jquery's Datepicker plugin so that the date is entered in the field following the mm/dd/yyyy format required by the Jive API so I know it isn't the users manually entering in the wrong date as we are based in Australia and we follow a dd/mm/yyyy format here. The datepicker option was used so people couldn't put the date in wrong.


      Now here's the weird part. It doesn't happen for every user. The client has taken a screen recording (attached) showing that they are creating the event correctly (03/01/2016 - 03/02/2016 1st-2nd March ) but then when looking in the calendar it displays (01/03/2016 - 03/02/2016 3rd Jan - 3rd Feb) even though midway through the video on the moderation screen it shows the correct date in the body of the event. Although if the user with the problem switches browsers to firefox or others (they have reported the issue in IE and chrome although I use chrome and it works fine for me) the tile works perfectly.


      Myself and a number of work colleagues have tried over multiple computers and all browsers to reproduce this issue but can't, the custom tile continues to work perfectly for us but the client who has offices all over the state says some users in some offices are getting the date flip bug when creating events using the custom tile.


      Here is an example payload logged in the console when an event is created with the tile and it created it for me correctly:



      "type": "text/html","text": "<body><p>console log test<br><br><strong>I have approved this request with my supervisor: </strong>Yes<br><strong>I have checked I have sufficient leave for this request: </strong>Yes<br></p></body>"},

      "subject": "Ray Admin console",

      "parent" : "https://stacklaw.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/places/"4718",

      "type": "event",

      "location" : "Annual Leave",

      "startDate" : "03/01/2016",

      "startTime" : "9:00 AM",

      "endDate" : "03/07/2016",

      "endTime" : "5:00 PM",

      "eventAccess" : "open",

      "maxAttendees" : 1,

      "eventAccessID" : 0}


      My main question is has anyone else had issues with event creation via the API that is causing these problems? Or has anything related to the date format required by the API been changed in the latest Jive release? And what would cause the events to be created incorrectly for some users but I can't for the life of me no matter what I try reproduce the fault on any of my systems.


      I appreciate any help that anyone can give to get to the bottom of whats causing the issue as the tile was working great for everyone until the latest Jive release and now has inconsistent results for some users on some browsers. Could it just be an early bug related to the 2016 release?


      (Attached is a flash screen capture supplied by the client showing the issue some of the users experience)


      Kind regards