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    Use Case Question: Legal Team Places

    Don Shell

      Hello all, we're working on building out a department page for our legal teams, which encompass several different entities and areas within one umbrella. Can any of you share your setup for your legal department pages if you have them? What kinds of things do you put on there for internal audiences? What are some lessons learned? Any input appreciated.

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          In our case, the legal groups started off strong, but we're extremely hard to maintain. We rolled out a few groups (the insisted on being private) and coupled the initial communications with a push to use Jive for Outlook. We were required to have these groups limited to discussions around office events, charity work, awards and recognition, etc. This died down when employees started disabling Jive for Office (too cumbersome for the amount of email apparently).


          Our second attempt focused less on the legal teams interacting with one another and more around how our enterprise should handle legal,compliance, and ethics topics. It's become more of a sounding board for enterprise communications rather than a department interest group. The relatively steady flow of communications and campaigns keeps the group active and relevant. Having this one group organized around different categories pushes everyone to one place and has made it successful, but the audience is primarily non-legal employees.

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              Don Shell

              Thanks Chris, that helps reinforce the direction we're heading -- as a resource for the rest of the organization. We have several private legal team pages that have been used with limited success to this point, but leadership is particularly supportive of using it and I have hope it'll build on its momentum when the legal front door launches. Thanks very much for your input!

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              For our internal team we have a legal secure space only open to the legal team with subspaces for:

              • Commercial transactions
              • Administration
              • IP, Corporate and Privacy
              • Litigation and Employment



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